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Kayak Put-In Info for: Dumbarton Bridge, Menlo Park

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins OverviewOverview: This isn't one of the Bay's most beautiful Launch Sites, but it will get you started immediately in the bay without a bridge toll (if you live on the peninsula). Destinations from here could be to the Palo Alto Launch Site, to Redwood City, or to Jarvis Landing.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins ParkingParking: Parking is in a dirt lot right next to the put in. There aren't any designated spaces (don't expect it to be crowded). Portage is a few feet from here. Alternatively, you can park alongside the HWY 84 bridge if you prefer paved, sheltered parking.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins FacilitiesFacilities: There are two park benches. No restrooms or water.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins AmenitiesAmenities: There are two signs with information about the Dumbarton Bridge - past and present. There is a small plaza with food on Marsh Road, just past the turnoff from Bay Front (about a half mile away).

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins DirectionsDirections: From hwy 84 (either direction) take the exit for the Ravenswood park (on the West side of the Freeway, right as it touches down in East Palo Alto). There is a drive that loops under the bridge. At the apex of this drive is the parking spot. The north side of the bridge seems better than the south side for launching.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins CautionsCautions: Strong currents can build in the deeper water (near the center of the Dumbarton Bridge). Also, this launch / landing is not sheltered from the open bay (though the shallow water here should diminish most waves). This area can become a mud flat at low tides - mud can extend over 1,000 feet from the landing site. Check your tides!

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