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Kayak Put-In Info for: Doolittle Drive - MLK Regional Shoreline, Oakland

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins OverviewOverview: This is generally a quiet place to paddle. The bay is rather shallow so take care when paddling at low tide, it's easy to run aground here. Winter time is generally very quiet with few visitors. In the summer there can be folks on jetskis and or small fishing boats here. Also the winds can pick up here in the afternoon.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins ParkingParking: Parking is free. The parking lot is not patrolled and is off the beaten path so be sure to lock things up and not leave any valuables in your car.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins FacilitiesFacilities: There are a couple of restrooms here. There used to be a snack bar but it was closed the last time I went there. It might be a seasonal thing and only open in the summer time. There are two launch ramps. The one closer to Heenburger (by a few hundred feet) is preferable (see GPS coordinates of site or zoom in on Google Maps).

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins AmenitiesAmenities: Public restrooms, two boat ramps and a few picnic tables. Green Grass.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins DirectionsDirections: Exit 880 at Hegenburger. Take Hegenburger towards the airport, and turn right on Doolittle Drive. After a mile or so, turn right into a small parking lot for Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline. The parking lot comes up quickly - so be prepared.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins CautionsCautions: Again this place is off the beaten path so don't leave any valuables in sight. I don't recommend going after dark either. We've heard that this area is infested with Jetskiers during the warm months. Fortunately, they are restricted at certain times to protect bird nesting. During a low tide, the channel is very narrow. Nevertheless, you won't get stuck in the mud if you are heading to this launch. Currents can get very strong - especially as the channel narrows.

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