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Kayak Put-In Info for: Robert Crowne State Beach, Alameda

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins OverviewOverview: The water is warm and shallow at Crown Beach. At the west end of the beach is a bathhouse with changing rooms. Swimming is permitted during park hours year round. Note that the water is SHALLOW. We were out there today with a 1 foot tide, and there would have been a 100' portage through sandy mud in order to launch. Keep the tides in mind if you are planning a launch or landing here. Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary at the east end harbors aquatic birds and other salt marsh creatures. Crab Cove at the north end is a marine reserve where all plant and animal life is protected.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins ParkingParking: $5 per vehicle when kiosk is attended

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins FacilitiesFacilities: Restrooms

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins AmenitiesAmenities: Crab Cove Visitor Center, located on McKay Avenue within Crown Beach, contains exhibits and aquaria highlighting flora and fauna of San Francisco Bay and other marine areas.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins DirectionsDirections: From 880, take the DAVIS STREET exit. Turn Left on DAVIS ST go several hundred feet, and Turn Right on DOOLITTLE DR - go 3.6 mi Turn Right on BAY FARM ISLAND BRG - go 0.3 mi Continue on OTIS DR - go 2.2 mi Arrive at Park Entrance. You can drive close to the water to put in, but you will have to move your car to the parking lot a few hundred feet away

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins CautionsCautions: This area is popular with windsurfers. The cove can be a calm spot to paddle, but when the wind is blowing from the SouthWest (Stormy days) waves can get quite large. Good for windsurfers - bad for kayaks. On bad weather days, you may opt for launching near Jack London Square or Estuary Park. Water can get quite shallow, making for a trudge in sandy mud.

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