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Kayak Put-In Info for: Point Emery, Emeryville

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins OverviewOverview: Nicely developed access point for the South Berkeley Sailing Basin. Has two potential launches -- the wide, sandy main cove in front of the parking lot, or down a rather narrow but short set of stairs on the other side. This launch site basically accesses the same area as the Emeryville Marina. On calm days, ambitious paddlers can also work out to the remnants of the old Key Line (commuter railroad) pier system reaching out from the end of the Berkeley Pier. Note: this is a key launch site for East Bay kitesailors and windsurfers on windy summer afternoons, so the launch beach can get very busy.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins ParkingParking: Free unlimited parking, except overnight. Parking is about a dozen diagonal spaces, no pullthroughs. Launch is about 50 feet from parking. However, all spaces usually taken on windy summer afternoons by kitesailors and windsurfers.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins FacilitiesFacilities: No facilities (bathrooms, water, etc.).

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins AmenitiesAmenities: This item has not been created yet. Click Here to make the first entry.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins DirectionsDirections: From I-80 West (heading south), take the Ashby exit in Berkeley, and take an immediate right from the offramp instead of continuing over the freeway. Take an immediate left at the frontage road. The launch is 50 yards south from there. From I-80 East (heading north) after the Bay Bridge, take the Powell Street exit in Emeryville. Take an immediate left from the off-ramp back under the freeway, and then another immediate right onto the frontage road. The launch is about 1/2 mile from the turn.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins CautionsCautions: Wind and chop can get pretty rough during summer afternoons, but calms down near sunset. Check wind reports first. Mornings usually fine.

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