Jan 30, 2011

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Kayak Put-In Info for: Horseshoe Cove, Sausalito

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins OverviewOverview: Horseshoe Cove is one of the best San Francisco Bay launch sites. It's right off the Freeway, has great (free) parking and depending on the tide you can paddle eastwards to Alcatraz or Angel Island or head out under the Golden Gate Bridge to Point Bonita. Just north of Point Cavallo is Yellow Bluff where some very powerful tide rips occur during maximum ebb, which attract kayakers looking for surf-able waves.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins ParkingParking: Parking is free!

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins FacilitiesFacilities: The Travis Marina and Presidio Yacht Club are private facilities and as such not open to the public. Be respectful of this so that kayakers can continue to be allowed access at this site in the future.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins AmenitiesAmenities: Upstairs in the Travis Marina boat house is a bar called "Mike's Place". It is a wonderful little bar / grille with a view of the marina and the Golden Gate bridge, where the day's adventures can be retold. If you go in to use the bathrooms here please patronise the bar / grille and tip the waitstaff appropriately.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins DirectionsDirections: Horseshoe Cove is near the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. It's part of East Fort Baker in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. From the 101 Freeway, take the Sausalito exit immediately north of the Golden Gate Bridge. After about a quarter of a mile, turn left and head towards the tunnel that heads out towards Rodeo Beach. Just before the tunnel mouth, turn sharp right and follow the road down to the former military base. At the bottom, turn right at the stop, then down to the Coast Guard Station.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins CautionsCautions: Horseshoe Cove is close to some very fast moving currents. Maximum ebb at the Golden Gate can be up to 6 knots, so check the tide tables before planning a paddle from here.

SF Bay Kayak Put-Ins LinksExternal Links:
Horseshoe Cove to Alcatraz and Angel Island
National Park Plan for Ford Baker

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