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GPS Maps for the SF Bay Area regional parks
 Garmin GPS Maps Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I download from your site?
To download a map, simply select a map for a region that interests you from our main page.  Then, click the "Buy Now" button just to the left of the map name.  You will be re-directed to PayPal's website, where you can opt to purchase the map with your PayPal balance, a credit card, or a bank transfer.  Once you complete the transaction with PayPal, you will need to click the link that says, "Return to Merchant's website" or "Click Here to Continue."  You will be re-directed to our web page, and given a link for download.


You don't have the map that I am looking for.  How can I get it?
All of our maps are drawn by hand by referencing the latest available park maps.  Cartography (the creation of maps) is a tedious, time consuming process.  If you want a map for a park in or around the San Francisco Bay Area, you can contact us, and suggest that we create the map.  We will make our best efforts to generate a map for your Garmin GPS unit in a timely fashion.  If you supply your email address, we can let you know when the map is ready for you to order.


How do I get the Map onto my GPS?
Our maps cannot be uploaded with Map Source (Garmins proprietary upload software).  You will need to download and install free third party software to make the transfer.  We recommend this program, but there are a number of programs available for uploading .img files to your GPS.


Why should I buy your maps?
Maps that you buy from Garmin can be very useful.  Unfortunately, the best maps for trails that are available from Garmin are the 24K topo maps converted from USGS maps.  While the topo maps cover a large region, and have useful topographical information on them, they don't often have park trails, or trail names.  Our maps can be very useful if you are visiting a new park, and want to easily find your way around.  Rather than wonder where you are on the paper map, the GPS map will always show your location relative to the trails in each park.  We recommend using our Garmin GPS maps in conjunction with the free paper maps provided at each park.  Paper maps are still useful for route planning.  The GPS maps are very useful for determining where you are relative to the rest of the trails.   

 How to Purchase

To purchase a map, simply click the "Buy Now" button next to the map of interest.  You will be re-directed to Pay Pal's website where you can purchase the map with your Pay Pal balance, a bank transfer, or a credit card.  Once you have completed the transaction on Pay Pal's site, click the Return to Merchant's Website button.  This final step is very important - you need to come back to our site to get the download.

 How to Upload Map to GPS

The maps that you download from this site are custom maps drawn by hand.  They are designed to be uploaded to Garmin GPS Mapping units.  Our maps should work on any unit in the Garmin GPSMap series.  Only one map can be loaded on your GPS at a time, and each time you upload a map, the old map will be removed (so save them on your PC)!  To execute the upload, you will need free third party software.  If you have any question about whether or not our maps will work with your GPS, try downloading our FREE Demo map for your GPS.

 More Information

Thank you for visiting our site.  We aim to build a database of maps for the San Francisco Bay Area that you can download for your Garmin GPS.  If you have any suggestions as how we can improve our site - or if you would like to suggest a park to be mapped, please contact us using the webform.

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