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GPS Maps for the SF Bay Area regional parks
 Map Description
The Henry Coe State Park map has all of the legal fire roads and trails as of 2013.  Furthermore, Springs, lakes, and ponds are indicated.  The map we sell is a scalable vector map - not a .jpg image or a paper map.  This means that you can upload our map into your GPS, and follow it (real time) as you are out on the trail.  The preview below is a screen-shot image of the map.

A preview of the Henry Coe State Park Map can be seen below:

The map that we sell is in "IMG" format. Once you pay, you will be able to save the IMG file to your computer. The downloaded file can be installed on your Garmin device from either a Mac or a PC. The procedure to install the map depends on which platform you are using. If you are using a Mac, and your Garmin device has an SD card, you can simply insert the SD card into your computer (either by using a card slot (like on an iMac)) - or you can connect your Garmin to your computer using the USB cable. Just copy the file you purchased from us from your computer into the "gmapsupp" folder on the SD card. If the folder does not exist, just make it in the main directory of the SD card. After the file is in the proper directory on your SD card, turn off your GPS, put the SD card back in, and reboot. To see your map, you will either need to physically be in the park with the GPS on, or you can scroll over to the park map from your current location. The map is designed to be transparent (so you can see your base map beneath it), however the transparency feature is not compatible with 100% of Garmin's base maps. This means that depending on your device, you may only be able to see the GPS map from us - and not your basemap - while you're in Henry Coe State Park. Of course, the Garmin basemap should not be necessary if you're in the park - our map has significantly more detail than any map from Garmin. We mention this because some customers have questioned the transparency feature of our map.

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 How to Purchase

To purchase a map, simply click the "Buy Now" button next to the map of interest.  You will be re-directed to Pay Pal's website where you can purchase the map with your Pay Pal balance, a bank transfer, or a credit card.  Once you have completed the transaction on Pay Pal's site, you should receive an email from us containing the download link.

 How to Upload Map to GPS

The maps that you download from this site are custom maps drawn by hand.  They are designed to be uploaded to Garmin GPS Mapping units.  Our maps should work on any unit in the Garmin GPSMap series.  Only one map can be loaded on your GPS at a time, and each time you upload a map, the old map will be removed (so save them on your PC)!  To execute the upload, you will need free third party software.  If you have any question about whether or not our maps will work with your GPS, try downloading our FREE Demo map for your GPS.

 More Information

Thank you for visiting our site.  We aim to build a database of maps for the San Francisco Bay Area that you can download for your Garmin GPS.  If you have any suggestions as how we can improve our site - or if you would like to suggest a park to be mapped, please contact us using the webform.