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Boat Ramp Information for:
Aldrich Point


Site Type:
Boat Ramp

Short Description:
Ramp- Dock- Car park- small beach



Long Description:
End of Aldrich Point Road. Exit North off Rt 30 at Ziak Gnat Creek Rd. Brownsmead sign, turn right on Aldrich Point Road, follow ~4 miles to end. Road says closed but is passable. Aldrich Point is on Prairie Channel. Across from Tronson Island. Good launch point for exploring Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge. Tides are ~8' so pull boats well up on the beach. You might camp here if you need. No facilities.

Aldrich Point parking  - Columbia River Water Trail
Aldrich Point parking
Dock Ramp from water - Columbia River Water Trail
Dock Ramp from water

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