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List of all sites in Database:
Here is a textual list of all our sites so far:
Type Site Name Short Description
Boat Ramp Hamilton Island Boat Ramp The Start of the Columbia River Water Trail
Campground Beacon Rock State Park Small Campground Along the Water Trail
Campground Reed Island Campsite Free- Semi-developed Camping
Campground Skamania Island Camping You can camp here during low water-
Scenic Area Rooster Rock State Park Sandy Beaches- picnicing- and boat ramp
Kayak Shop Alder Creek Kayaks Kayak Shop with easy access from the water
Campground Lemon Island Camping Semi Developed Camping Near Airport
Lodging Red Lion Inn On the water - lodging- convenient access
Boat Ramp Caterpillar Island Boat Ramp Access to Columbia from Washington side
Boat Ramp Marine Park Boat Ramp Large Boat Ramp with Beach landings
Scenic Area Wintler Park Beach and Park - convenient access
Kayak Shop Scappose Bay Kayaking Kayak Shop near dock in beautiful Scappose bay
Kayak Shop Skamokawa Kayak Center Kayak Shop with boat ramp - near protected water
Campground Sand Island Camping Excellent Developed Free Camping on Sand Island
Campground Coon Island Camping Peaceful- quiet campground in Multnomah Channel
Boat Ramp Fort Canby State Park Boat Ramp The official End of the Columbia River Water Trail
Campground Deep River Camping Semi Developed Camping on Washington shore
Campground Government Island Camping Semi-Developed Campground with Boat Ramp
Campground Cottonwood Point Camping Free Undeveloped Camping on a sandy beach
Campground Walker Island Camping An expansive Sandy beach (during low water) quiet
Campground Wallace Island Camping Long Sandy Beach (illegal) Camping
Restaurant Mark-s on the Channel Floating Restaurant in McCuddy-s Marina
Scenic Area Vietnam Era Landing Craft Vietnam Era Landing Craft in the Columbia River
Restaurant Bay Watch Bistro Serving food in Scappose Bay
Campground Safe Harbor RV Park Seasonal Camping in Chinook
Campground Sand Island Camping Legal Camping on Sand Island
Campground Jim Crow Beach Beach camping
Boat Ramp Rainier Public Boat Ramp Access to town of Rainier - access to food- water
Boat Ramp Hammond Boat Ramp The closest launch to the mouth of the Columbia
Boat Ramp Aldrich Point Ramp- Dock- Car park- small beach
Boat Ramp John Day Park Boat Ramp Launch site-

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