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Thanks for your interest in building our site!
We're always looking for new places to explore in our local area - as well as abroad.  We often look to local guidebooks to learn about new placesto launch our kayaks, canoes, and watercraft.  Unfortunately, guidebooks only tend to cover locations that the author knows about (or prefers).  Sometimes, the best locations for launching your boat get left out completely, or only get a brief mention.  The internet has been a great resource for finding new kayak launch sites and put ins, but the information is rarely centralized.  In creating this website, we hope to accomplish two goals:

  • We'd like to centralize kayak, canoe, and manually powered craft launching, camping, lodging, and dining information
  • We'd like to develop a free user-edited route / trip description network for the water trail

Already, many trail networks exist for land based activities - but there is still a need for water trail networks.  Once you know where to launch your boat, you still need to know where to go!  To accomplish this goal, our site allows and encourages users to upload pictures, and even publish sites of commercial interest (hyperlinks allowed)

If you'd like to help get this site developed, please don't hesitate to suggest a new site!  If there is a site that already exists and you have more information to add, don't hesitate!  This service is completely free, and is quick and easy to use!

As far as costs are concerned, this site costs about 160 dollars per year to run; donations are obviously welcome  to help offset that cost, we have employed tactful google advertising. Our mission is to help centralize information for kayaks, canoes, windsurfers, and anyone else who wants to discover the Columbia River Water Trail.  Remember, your accurate, informative edits are the most important help you can provide!  Thanks for your interest in helping to develop a central location for the Columbia River Water Trail Wiki